It’s always nice to have some glass side tables in your home. They can offer a lovely ambiance to any room and can give it a very classy look. To enjoy the benefits of glass side tables you need to know how to properly care for them.

A very easy way to clean them is to put a mild cleaner on the cloth and wipe them off with a soft cloth. Also make sure that you dry the glass surface completely before storing them away. This is also a good practice if you find it necessary to store them away for an extended period of time.

Glass can easily crack, break or chip easily. The damage is most often caused by extreme heat, so it’s better not to place your glass side tables on high surfaces where they are exposed to hot surfaces. And keep in mind that even plastic can also chip or crack so make sure that you don’t place your glass side tables on plastic surfaces as well.

If you find that you need to move your glass side tables to high traffic areas, then make sure that you make some adjustments to the spacing between the posts. If you do it correctly, then it will not only make it easier for you to move them but will also avoid damaging the glass. Even if you live in a very high building, you can still make adjustments to the spacing between the posts. Just make sure that the posts are perfectly level before making the adjustment.

You can also use the adhesive paper to protect the boards between the high traffic areas. But you have to be very careful when you do this because the sticky paper will always bring up dust from the surface and this can have a detrimental effect on the material.

When cleaning glass side tables, use a gentle and effective cleanser that won’t harm the surface. Do not use anything that is too harsh on the glass as that will only damage it.

You can also use a polishing compound such as Clear Polish on the surface to get a shiny finish. This will improve the feel of the glass and it will make it more scratch resistant.

You need to take special care when using water or any liquid that has acidic content. As the acid can cause cracks and chips in glass side tables. So ensure that you never allow your glass side tables to be exposed to water.

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